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Hembadhu House Reef 

Start off with a dive to the famous Hembadhu wreck, conveniently located on our spectacular House Reef.  This stunning dive site offers a wide range of marine life all the way from turtles, stingrays, and tuna down to the tiny and colorful nudibranchs, frogfishes and pipefishes for the macro inclined diver.  This dive site is spectacular at day and even more so at night when you can meet our resident Napolean wrasse who likes to snooze in the wheelhouse.

Boat Dives

Ready to discover new reefs by boat? We have an amazing array of dive sites less than 30 minutes travel on our beautiful local diving Dhoni. Our dive sites include drift dives for those who want to glide effortlessly with the current along the stunning reefs and dive sites with almost no currents for those who would like to take things very slowly.

Dive types

It is an “underwater island”, or big pinnacle, surfacing from the bottom of the atoll, which usually isn’t deeper than 35/40 meters. The top of this pinnacle can be an average between 8 to 20 meters in depth. Depending on the location and shape of the thila, from modest to significant currents can be found. Lots of current means lots of water moving by, lots of water brings lots of food, lots of food means…lots of life!


Similar to a Thila but the main difference is that the top of these coral patches often extend near to the surface, or may even be exposed during low tides. Most of the time, a Giri has very little current, making them a great location for beginner divers.


A small atoll with reefs extending above the surface, often in a horseshoe shape. Although these are usually only of interest for divers in areas where the current is stronger, the shallow depths of Farus make them popular for snorkelling trips

Are channels that connect the inner atoll to the open ocean, all on the edge of the atolls between the islands and are places where the water, depending on the tide, flow in or out of the atoll. As you can imagine, this is where you can usually find strong currents and big pelagic fish, the best locations to find sharks, mantas, eagle rays, barracudas, and trevallies.

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